Enhancing Diesel Truck Transmissions: The Power of More Clutches


At Tier One Transmissions, we're all about boosting the performance of diesel trucks. One way we do this is by adding more clutches during transmission rebuilds. In this article, we'll break down the process, the benefits, and why it matters for truck enthusiasts. Here, we'll go over our process with the Allison A1000 transmission and our addition of increased clutch counts. If you're looking for a built diesel truck transmission with higher clutch counts, contact Tier One or call 602-399-5484 today!

Understanding Clutch Count

Factory vs. Upgraded Clutches: What Sets Us Apart

For this example, we are talking about the Allison A1000 transmission for Chevrolet. When we rebuild a transmission, we don't settle for what's standard. We swap out the factory double-sided clutches for our single-sided ones, and this makes a real difference in how the transmission performs.

How Clutch Count Works

Clutch count is about how many clutch plates are inside a transmission. We take things up a notch by increasing the clutch count from the usual 12 to a solid 16 for our A1000 transmission. This change gives more muscle to the clutch assembly, making it harder for the transmission to slip.

clutches for transmission

Advantages of More Clutches

Tougher Holding Power

The biggest plus of having more clutches is that the transmission can handle more power. This is a big deal, especially if your truck often carries heavy loads or tows trailers. The extra clutches mean the transmission can take the strain without giving in. Our increase from the standard 12 clutches to our increased count of 16 single sided clutches provides a 33% increase in holding capacity!

No More Slipping

Slipping gears is a headache, but with our method, it's a lot less likely. Having more clutches spreads out the pressure, making it way less likely for any clutch plate to slip. This means your transmission becomes more dependable and efficient, something every truck owner dreams of.

Keeping Cool Under Pressure

Performance comes with heat, but our solution fights that too. When we increase clutch count, we're also upping the transmission's ability to handle heat. The more clutch plates, the more surface area there is for heat to escape. This keeps your transmission running smoother and extends its life.

increase clutch count for transmission

The Tier One Difference

Precision and Skill

Behind the scenes, our expert technicians work with precision and skill. The process of adding more clutches is a testament to our dedication to top-notch workmanship and making sure we always provide the best possible product.

Custom-Made Performance

We're not into one-size-fits-all. Our selection of transmissions in various stages is our way to offer you a solution that is tailored to fit your truck's needs. Adding more clutches is just one way we personalize your truck's performance, making sure it matches your goals perfectly.

The Process of Adding More Clutches

Making the Magic Happen

Here's how we do it: First, we take apart the transmission. Then, we swap out the old clutches for our upgraded ones. But that's not all. Our technicians fine-tune the transmission's controls to work seamlessly with the new clutches. And of course, we test rigorously to make sure everything runs better than before.

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